is a CLIR/DLF publication series, created for the Committee on Coherence at Scale for Higher EducationFactSheets are provided via the DLF Community Spotlight Series. This web-series targets projects, services and programs that address net-scale solutions and demonstrate intra-institutional collaboration. The goal of this series is to communicate the basic facts about large scale, multi-partner initiatives happening across the library and IT communities in Higher Education. The publications are short, consumer reports style analysis written in a clear and direct impartial voice to distill out the prominent features of these projects and the problems they are trying to solve in a concise, no-spin manner. The FactSheets publications series is intended to help administrators, practitioners, and even funders to understand the landscape and to see how some initiatives could conceptually fit together or relate to one another, as well as the features that distinguish the projects as unique.

Below are links to each FactSheets publication in the series to date. Click on the image or the project title to view and download the associated PDF. As the series grows, we will add each publication to the list below.